2019-2020 Pre-Work and Orientation


REVEAL Your True Desires/Clarity

Reveal- Introduction

Finding Soul Clarity

Meet “Stick Man” the model of the subconscious

The Universal Law of Polarity

Find your Souls Agenda.

How to use your Soul’s Agenda in decision making.

How to use your Soul’s Agenda in relationships.

How to use your Soul’s Agenda in your marketing.


Uncover Your Hidden EXPECTATIONS

Uncover Expectations- Introduction

Learn exactly how the subconscious is constructed.

Identify what is blocking your success.

Law of Relativity: thinking and sensations

The Role of sensations in emotions, thinking, & behavior

The Circle of Core Wound Defenses


ALIGN with Success

Align- Introduction

What it means to be in integrity

How to modify your sensations.

1) Intro to Body Sensing

2) Sensory Magnification

3) Cross Mapping- 1


Cross Mapping – 2

Cross Mapping – 3

Cross Mapping – 4

4) Visual Led Sensory Release

How to align your thoughts and words.


LOVE Whatever Shows Up

Love What Shows Up- Introduction

Turning conflict into prosperous opportunities.

Learning to embrace and capitalize on triggers.

How to transform emotional defenses.

Realizing wealth and prosperity through action.