Overcome Resistance to Change

Where coaches and holistic practitioners become the sought-after change agents who get more clients, demand better rates, and differentiate themselves in the market by providing the most transformational client results.

 “Becoming SBMC certified has given me the tools in a structured and immediately applicable way to access my core confidence and truth.  It has changed EVERYTHING in every square inch of my life. This one simple thing solved all of my seemingly separate and complicated problems.”

-Kate LaValley, Physical Therapist and SBMC Graduate

Beyond Mindset… into the heart…

SBMC is a groundbreaking, research-supported approach that integrates mindfulness, somatic coaching, neuroscience, natural law, and bioenergetics, to train coaches and holistic practitioners in becoming influential and motivating health and wellness leaders.

Ani working with SBMC trainees

Our Founders

Ani Anderson MS, OT, LMT, CEMP and Brian Trzaskos PT, LMT, CSCS, CMP, MI-C have a combined 50 years and 86,000 hours of client experience, helping people get miracle-like results. Together they have created two thriving wellness centers, a global training institute for rehabilitation therapists and Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching, the ultimate tool for overcoming resistance to change.

SBMC is for you if:


  • You’re a great coach, but struggle to fill your programs.
  • You’re an executive, leadership, wellness, or life coach who is tired of competing with the sea of coaches in the marketplace.
  • You’re a rehabilitation professional who wants to add coaching to your list of credentials… and perhaps have your own thriving private pay practice. 
  • You have clients that you have not been able to help reach their goals because they struggle with resistance to change and your traditional approaches aren’t working.
  • You love the body/mind/spirit approach and you want to be the absolute best!

We are now taking applications for our 2021 certification program.
Contact us to be considered for an interview.

SBMC trainees
Ani working with SBMC trainees
SBMC in-person training